Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello, choir!

First things first, I would like to welcome the new freshmen into our choir. :D Welcome, welcome! Most of the year 1s (I guess) should have some form of choir background already (and that's REALLY good). But for those without any choir background, do not fret. The following trainings and sectionals in the upcoming weeks will definitely hone your vocals and bring you on par with everyone else. :D

In case you have no idea who is updating this blog... *clears throat* My name is Christina. You can find me in the Altos section. I belong to the publicity committee and I'm in charge of this blog. Before long (as Mr Lee has mentioned, I think) , after the committee elections, there will be a sub-committee elections to provide sub-comm positions for the entire choir so that we can all give back to the choir in our own little ways. :D

Look forward to our official Choir Camp from the 2nd-3rd of March! (And now that I think about it.. Wow. Nearing the end of February already. That's fast.)

Now, the following videos are the choir songs that the Year 2s have learned so far. I shall upload them all over here so that you Year 1s can have a rough idea what you will be learning very soon. You have already heard Sik Sik in today's session. XD After you get over the pronounciation of the song it should not be too much of a problem, really. XD

First up on the list- the song we sang today. Sik Sik Sibatumanikam.

The next song is a Latin song- "Northern Lights" by Ola Gjeilo. A personal favourite out of all the songs learnt. :D

Next song learnt is another Latin song- Mundi Renovatio.

Okay, this other song is a Chinese folksong- 送大哥.
No, it's not really about sending your brother off to NS. -.-
It's about sending your lover away.

There's another song, actually... "Soleram".

Alright, have fun listening to all these songs, rest well and enjoy the Meridian Choir experience as one big family! :D


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